The Moorefield Police Department will begin the Toys for Tots 2014 season in August.  Please contact Lt. R. A. Burrows if you wish to help with this effort.   Thanks to all of those who supported our efforts this year. 

Christmas 2013 was a Great Success!  With the assistance of all the good people of Hardy County, 2013 was a banner year for Toys for Tots.  Let's make sure 2014 is Better.  Pat yourselves on the back, because we are growing each and every year.

Lt. R. A. Burrows will be the Hardy County Toys For Tots Coordinator starting the 2014 Season.  I will have more information on this as the year rolls along.

You can pick up your orders at the Moorefield Police Department, downstairs office thru Tuesday, December 24 2013.  Please try to get there prior to the Christmas Eve date.  You will need time to wrap your toys in time for Christmas morning.

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year....

Mooorefield Police Department




Please use the link below to obtain an application

Changes are coming to MPD

   Watch for changes which are coming to Moorefield Police Department.

We are going to expand our office.  

The Moorefield Mayor and Town Council have provided support and cooperation with the shared goal of providing the most effective police department possible.  The Town Hall will soon be utilized in total as the Moorefield Law Enforcement Center providing much needed room which will be utilized to support more effective law enforcement.

                                                                                                                                                                   Chief  S. D. Reckart